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The Life Coaching, well, I am not your average Coach or Trainer.  I take you beyond, getting you grounded and centered into your own life so that you are you.

Send me a note at the contact box and I will answer, and please do not be afraid to ask.  This is the first step.  Many times all you have to do is simply just ask. 
Thank you and I look forward to meeting and working with you very soon.  - Damon Harper 

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I have known Damon Harper for nine years. I first met him as a patient at my clinic and then grew to know him on a personal level. During these nine years, I have known Damon to be a hard-working professional in every way. He is trustworthy, honest, and direct while at the same time being compassionate and understanding.

I have never heard a cross word or negative attitude from Damon. 

Damon is most comfortable when helping others to reach their utmost potential and improve their lives. Whenever speaking of his work, he always gravitates towards professions where he feels he can help others.  He truly believes in the goodness of mankind and in paying it forward.  I know Damon to be respectful, dependable, self-motivated, and courteous.

I feel strongly that Damon would be a valuable asset to any organization, especially if it involves helping others.  If given the chance, he will not disappoint.  Thank you for your consideration on behalf of Damon Harper.


Dr. Christopher L. Hicklin

Sarasota Florida

April 6, 2018 


Please allow me to say a word about a potential addition to your team.

Mr. Damon Harper fits the model of an active fitness professional.  His goals fit the example of fitness wellness:  To facilitate the process of helping people make themselves better by improving the holistic, physical, and emotional qualities of life.

I hope it may prove to be a beneficial relationship for all involved.

He carries my highest recommendation.

James Rosenbalm

CDM, CFPP Certified Dietary Manager Nutrition and Dietary Consultant

Sarasota Florida


“Damon is one of the more genuine men I have had the pleasure of crossing paths, with relationships, well-being, and an overall better frame of mind.  Take the time to meet him!"

Michael R.

Wisconsin State

Damon has a brilliance in how he invests his skills in the nurturing and growth of others.

His approach and work is unique with results and outcomes that could  

take years to achieve with conventional methods. 

Life as you know it will never be the same.

He Rocks and is Awesome!

Jill O. Executive Producer Sarasota Florida 



  Passionate Fitness Professional

  • ` Fully-Certified since 2000, I’ve been successfully coaching clients throughout Sarasota Florida and beyond.

  • Igniting self-growth on all levels.

  • All my services deliver results and introduce clarity with action -

  • Working digitally support via email  video conference calls

  •  Best is in person of course ! 

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Damon is truly a unique individual.  We all somehow fear the truth and don’t realize it is the only thing of value in our minds, our relationship with others, and a key to dealing with our challenges.

Damon's support and genuine interest in me as another human being helped me see thru the myriad of excuses I have for my own shortcomings, demons, and vices.  One needs to feel truly safe and nonthreatened to talk out loud with another human being about what hurts them, what they fear,

what they want to work towards.

Damon lets you let your guard down. You can work through anything with this type of support.  Damon helped me open my eyes to differentiate between the bullshit and what is truly important and relevant.  I came for a boot camp on my physical body.  I learned that my body is only a reflection of what’s going on in my head.  If you address only the cosmetic presentation of your being, you are misleading yourself.  I truly thought getting in tune with your mind and inner spirituality was mumbo jumbo, only for those with too much time on their hands.

I learned from Damon that I listened to the wrong voices, usually the ones outside of me trying to control me, and worse, kept me locked into a script that was bringing me down with others' negative energy.  My experience with Damon was an awakening and a new beginning to direct my life from within. It will surely take some time since I, as many, have been programmed not to trust their inner senses. 

Damon’s positivity is inspiring and provides the inspiration to abandon your excuses and move forward on all levels.

Rob H.

Naples Florida



Certified Mind Body Fitness Specialist ( NESTA )
Food Psychology Coach  ( Spencer Institute )
Certified Mental Skills Training Specialists ( NESTA )
Certified Holistic Stress Management Specialist ( NESTA )
Certified Spencer Method Practitioner ( NESTA )
Certified Outdoor Fitness Trainer ( NESTA )
Certified Total Body Flexibility Specialist ( GMP Fitness )  
Certified Personal Trainer  ( WITS )
Professional Life Coach ( Soul Strength Productions ) Siesta Key Island  2004 - 2010
Athletic Coaching ( DRSPORTY )


Damon has been a strong force in my life.

He constantly reminds me to live life from the inside outside as opposed to the alternative of chaos.

Damon is one the truest people I've met.  His goals and intentions are selfless.

Everything he speaks of builds on healthy values of living.  He is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of physical conditioning, nutrition, as well as the spiritual and emotional state of our minds.  This is one person that I've found to truly live what he preaches.  I know this because I have personally met him."

Richard C.

Billings Montana

Damon is a true healer with a fierce intuition and incredible training in many different healing modalities.  His sense of sheer fun combined with his expertise and assertive honesty is a path to dramatic life changes for everyone and he is powerful! 

If you are looking for any change, inspiration, or deeper self-acceptance, you will never be the same again after meeting with him.  Damon, you really are an incredible healing presence! 

I take great honor in connecting to you.

Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, Author

`The Gift of Adult ADD` 

Walnut Creek, California 


You are most Welcome Coach/Abs of Steel, and worth every penny!  Really, you are the First Trainer that I feel can take me to the next level.  Both physically and mentally, you understand the two go hand-in-hand.  A lot of trainers seem to want to break you down mentally.

I see trainers every morning putting people through their 'drills' and

I am embarrassed for the clients most of the time.

Admittedly, the private setting allows us to talk more openly and mix things up from the ball to the beach.

Dr. Richard

Private Physician/Surgeon

State of Florida

Thank YOU for challenging me, helping me exceed what I thought was my potential, and working with my schedule.  I am very appreciative for the fitness and friendship. 

You have become such an important part of my life and making me better. 

Mr. Richard Sciré

Sarasota Florida 


I used to live in Portland, remembering in the spring when I went to Florida to learn yoga on the beach and then I met Damon.

Well, that was the start of some pretty big change in my life, you know, taking charge of my life,

becoming emotionally stable, quitting my job, moving to New York!!

Truthfully, Damon has been a great life coach and influencer in my life. Through asking the tough questions that no one else asks, he caused me to think with a new perspective, and as a result, behave and act in ways that caused great positive change on all levels of my life - personally, professionally, financially, emotionally, physically.  I wouldn't recommend Damon to you unless I truly believed in his work.

If you not satisfied with your life right now - or there are aspects of your life that you want to try to figure out or make sense of - then Damon is the man for you!

One thing that I love about Damon is that he assigns "homework" for you - each task he assigns is very relevant to your situation and will cause you to think and carry the lessons you learn throughout each week and really your life.

If you've ever been interested in life coaching, I highly recommend you get in contact with him.  

Sarah D.

New York City


I have known and worked with Damon Harper for several years and know him on both a personal and professional basis.  He is a man of intelligence, compassion, and integrity in his work and his life.

I would highly recommend him.


Sandra L. Ross,

M.A., M.S. Holistic Health Consultant Hyannis Port, MA

Damon is one Terrific Water Trainer! Training in the water is more than swimming;

Damon took me through Stretching, Muscle Building, Toning, Balance Building, plus Coordination,

all in the water!

With Damon’s expertise and Positive Energy, my Balance, Flexibility and Overall Strength

have improved dramatically! 

Joan D.

Attorney At Law

Sarasota Florida


I give my full recommendation to a colleague and good friend of mine, Damon Harper.

He is a bright, honest, energetic young man looking for a venue to engage his talents as a true people person.  He is extremely intelligent, and is someone that can bring benefits to the field of exercise and fitness... Viewing him deal with patients, clients, and friends alike, I see him as a true visionary, and his depth of character is unlikely to be found in many places around this country. 

He has proven his leadership and industriousness around me and my practice, and I see no reason why it wouldn’t continue in the health care field in the years to come.

I see a very bright future for this particular individual as I have known Damon Harper for about six years, and I truly believe he would be an asset as both an employee,

and a person to help grow and expand your business.


Dr. Jason Walsh

Sarasota Florida`

In the Boxing Ring


running up staris


Jumping Dancer




Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

I tried many physical fitness trainers in the past and then I found Damon Harper.

Damon's knowledge and personalized attention was over the top!

Damon showed me how to find and pull from within my inner strength and how to achieve my goals.  Since I started, my entire life has changed.

Through Damon, I have learned how to manage stress and get into shape.

I am physically and mentally healthier!

Thank you, Damon, for giving me my life back!

You’re the Greatest! 

Chief McDaniel

International Security Relations

Denver Colorado


There are many who offer direction and only a few who deliver real guidance with true results.

– d a m o n  h a r p e r





Experienced.  Certified.  Preferred.

Well, like any new plans and direction, a, what I call, "blueprint" is in order.  Before you build anything, you have a custom  designed plan.  Working with all my clients, this is one of the best ways to ensure proper progress....

Devote a quality of time in all that is in a direction for each case and client. 

Like any design, every detail on all levels is in sync. `

– damon harper


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