Moving You Forward

This is the time and code of honor for you.

Hiring a Professional Coach & Trainer is vital. 
You make this opportunity exist ONLY by your actions 
By being in the correct response to expand further on all levels.  Question is,

Are you ready and can handle it?  Many are not.  They think they are.  Are you one that is?

Any Coaching & Training requires attention, time, patience, plus the investment.

As a Coach & Trainer, the lead role is critical in all that you do.  Action in volumes, not quantity.  I work exclusively via digitally, conference, and, of course, best is always in person and preferred to have you get the best benefits - person to person enhances the focus plus your responsibility.

The accountability is now your call.

Take the moment, send a contact of inquiry.  Travel is open.

But first.  You must be totally ready.

Taking the time now is vital.  Do it. Contact now today.  Each new client will be screened via phone or video conference first and or in person, if arrangements are made prior in Sarasota, Florida.  Travel is open, location and scheduling availability due to client privacy.

Have any question,  make contact with inquiry box.

I first begin with each client, a consultation/assessment and build a vigorous plan, not just a cookie cutter program.  Each client is different.  This is serious work - the time, patience, energy, efforts, and investment. Attitude and communication is key.  Daily, hourly, and monthly rates accepted.

Travel is Open.

Since 2000, I’ve been working as a certified coaching professional who specializes in directing others beyond just coping with issues. 

I coach my clients in a way that utilizes all levels with the being in a whole instead of a record player, constantly circling as therapy.

I destroy the illusion with that broken record and get you off the soapbox.

The techniques I developed are so successful, it is direction

upon delivery that executes results.

From this, I began working with many companies in a private fashion in human resources, complete life safety medical/disaster, diversity, mediation, private negotiation, and sport fitness/coaching.

Let me explain how this guidance in pure direction is authentic working WITH you.

I work with all individuals from all over the world, in every class, background plus the code of honor I hold true in all the work I do each and every day with every client. 

From early 2000, I have been working with many people from around the world as a Life Coach and Fitness Trainer.  I take pride and careful consideration in working with you via either digitally, email, video conference, and, of course, the best is always in person and travel is open.

I specialize in many ways and forms of fitness training, from body sculpting, toning, strength building, and much more.

All professional services are at an hourly rate and packages are encouraged

up to 30 days in advance for client care. 

Honored rates for any disabled, military, senior, and/or survivor family members

is always welcome and available . Please inquire via email or call.  Thank you.

The Life Coaching, well, I am not your average coach or trainer.  I take you beyond,

getting you grounded and centered into your own life so that you are you.

Send me a note at the contact box and I will answer, and please do not be afraid to ask. 

This is the first step.  Many times all you have to do is simply just ask. 
Thank you and I look forward to meeting and working with you very soon. 

Cordially, Damon Harper

Coach | Athlete | Model | Trainer



Rev. Terry D. Sarasota Florida

 As a job coach and user of Damon’s services, I am here to inform you of his services.  He is a very wise and caring man who believes in and lives the mind, body,

spirit ethics that he proposes.

He will be soon working with me using hydro and water therapy with Tai Chi for my hip and acetabulum.  I recently had a motor vehicle accident and he knows this will be helpful to me.  He has also counseled me on nutrition techniques

to avoid the development of arthritis.

Damon has very strong ethics.  His yes means yes and his no means no.  He takes each Individual as a whole being, not just the body but a person with a mind, heart, and soul.  There are many ways to get you to wholeness.

 He gets the job done.

I encourage anyone to work with him directly and see for yourself why. 

Rev. Terry D.

Sarasota Florida


Professional Coach | Private Trainer | Athlete | Model

Qualified | Experienced | Preferred

professional services | by appointment only 
private clientele | travel open 
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