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Damon Harper known for whom he is and the work he does with all of his coaching consulting and trainings from all over the country. Damon has worked with athletes, actors, singers, musicians, and celebrities. His clientele as his company is private. Clients fly in from all over the world to work exclusively with him for his trainings and work.

Damon is proud to work with anyone who is serious about the life they hold and takes honor in the many testimonials on his site from his work. He is Certified in  40 +  levels for  

| health | fitness | medical | disaster | business | coaching | trainings |

More people know him as DRSPORTY, his nickname.

The Sarasota Herald Tribune | 2004 

`The American Lung Association would like to present this award to a man whom has made every effort this year with his idea to have a charity walk here on Siesta Key Island. Throughout the entire year he has helped with every detail in proclaiming the vast amount of education and awareness. His work has spoken in tremendous volumes. We present this Special Appreciation Award to Mr. Damon Harper for all his efforts in making this

Siesta Key Sunset Stroll Wine and Food Festival possible. 

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to preventing lung disease and the promotion in lung health."

The American Lung Association Gulf Coast Area   October 20, 2007

` Dear Damon, we Deeply appreciate your valuable time served with the Keep Sarasota County Beautiful

Advisory Board, Your contributions to the program will be greatly missed. 

You have been a loyal member .   Sandra Washington  | 2010 

"Dear Damon, On Behalf of Trinity Charities, we wish to thank you for your participation in the 2nd Annual HIV Community Forum at University of South Florida. I appreciate the time and efforts you gave as a panelist in conveying the message of good health using both one's mind and exercising one's body. On a personal note, my sincere appreciation for your assistance and support prior to and during the Forum. You were just great ! With deep affection Many Thanks!" 

Trinity Charities Community Forum sarasota florida | summer 2008

Damon Harper received the Community Cleanups award for his many years of volunteering with KSCB, last year spearheading a cleanup on Siesta Beach that drew 100 volunteers. Presenting the award was China "Dragon" Smith, two-time National Boxing Association former Heavy Weight Champion of the World and Jon Thaxton, Sarasota County Commissioner Sarasota Herald Tribune BETSY WILLIAMS CORRESPONDENT | May 2008

Keep Sarasota County Beautiful Awards 

` midnight in the garden of good & evil charity fundraising venue

the austin historical estate mansion | september 2013 sarasota florida 

` the drsporty show ` tv sarasota florida | 2008- 2010 

ambassador with cares outreach sarasota florida 

WITS World Instructor Training Schools ( proctor lab examiner /  instructor  )

international  traveling  journalist  with  family beautiful magazine 

for any resorts & spas plus interviews v.i.p. functions express venues 

contact for any media press tour articles & scheduling travel is open  Passport Ready !

Moving You Forward 


` Since 2000, I’ve been working as a certified Coaching Professional who specializes in directing others beyond just coping with issues. I coach my clients in a way that utilizes all levels with the being in a whole instead of a record player constantly circling as therapy. I destroy the illusion with that broken record and get you off the soap box. The techniques I developed are so successful it is direction upon delivery that executes results. From this I began working with many companies in a private fashion in human resources , complete life safety medical/disaster , diversity mediation ,

private negotiation,  plus sport fitness/coaching.

`Let me explain how this guidance in pure direction is authentic working WITH you.

I work with all individuals from all over the world, in every class , background plus the code of honor I hold true in all the work I do. Each and every day with every client. 

Years ago in 1998 , I began working the entire being and scope of all levels within each of us starting with the Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Symbolic, Sensual + Sexual. 

Yes, I said all the above. Gasp? Well, I own the work I do and I take pride as a Life Coach.

I am not your usual fad coach - Serious work and until you define the levels and bring them all into a sync , not a fashion , you will begin to finally understand, own and sport how you define your own path you have finally created. For yourself. You may even surprise yourself in how each level umbrellas another thread ( s ) .

Any questions ? Contact me .

 ` I do not expect perfection . . . I command effort . 

` my reasons for the madness is manually driving quality that = total results ` do it. 

​This is my motivation powerful passion into a dynamic profession.  

` Professional Life Coach Private Personal Fitness Trainer

Specializing in Sports Conditioning and Athletic Consulting plus Performance

Taking the time , making the Investment . Changing the Direction `

` got your attention yet ? Good. Ready ? Lets Go ! 



Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Dear Damon , 

I wanted to take this time to thank you again for all the time you spent with me during our work out sessions , talking on the phone, and email exchanges. I really enjoyed our time and found you to be a very knowledgeable and motivational coach .

The time you spent with me helped me reach my goals all the way. 

You are a very positive and uplifting person; and no matter what is going on in my life I can fall back on your encouraging words and this has always motivated me to stick to it, but it helped me realize to be real and honest with myself; that I do not have to answer to anyone but myself; and, that these set backs are not the end of the word nor do they take away all my success or accomplishments. 

As you know I'am the one that always takes care of everyone else and I tend to put my needs last. You have helped me get over feeling guilty when I do something for myself , you made me realize that I deserve it and that it is okay to put myself first at all times,

no matter who or what. 

I really do consider you a true friend and not just my life coach. 


L.A. Snow 

Sarasota Florida 


Professional Coach | Private Trainer | Athlete | Model

Qualified | Experienced | Preferred

professional services | by appointment only 
private clientele | travel open 
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